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This award is designed to recognise successful projects where technology has resulted in automation, efficiency and improved global insurance operations. Technology projects can often be fraught with difficulty. Entries for this category will demonstrate a clear business case and explain the factors leading to successful implementation, including stakeholder engagement and internal buy-in, how obstacles and challenges were overcome.

The winner of this award will be a best-in-class example of how technology adoption can improve efficiency and processes in cross border operations and in the delivery of optimum client experiences. The judging panel will consider technology implementations and initiatives that significantly impact on business performance and outcomes for industry participants and their ability to demonstrate success.


  • This award is open to multinational insurance teams and brokers only.
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline.
  • We welcome entries from teams and individuals working with or for businesses in the UK and Europe.


  • Describe the ambition and goals of the initiative.
  • Any business of external environment context to explain the drivers for the Project.
  • What was the business case for the project? What problem or challenge were you trying to solve?
  • Please share any other contextual information that will help judges understand the background to the submission.


  • Examples of outstanding skill, best practice, activity, and process.
  • How this initiative is an exemplary case study for other global insurance professionals, other teams in the global insurance sector, and for the wider multinational community.
  • Demonstrate excellence in approach and delivery of the initiative.
  • Describe any key challenges faced in the project and how these were overcome.


  • Examples of how the team has shown creativity and agility to meet challenges and exceed goals.
  • Relevant detail about how they have used fresh and successful new models and strategies to operate successfully in challenging markets and in response to changing environments
  • Provide details on how they have responded with innovation to major events.
  • Illustrate any innovation using the latest technology, processes, and communication channels.


  • Relevant detail to support your entry that illustrate the benefits to the team, your company and the wider insurance sector.
  • How has the project impacted on the business and other stakeholders.
  • Any metrics that support their entry.
  • Demonstrate how the team delivered impact within resource constraints and value for the business? 

Customer Experience

  • Details of how they have excelled in meeting the needs of the client.
  • Examples to show how they have developed effective client relationships that have impacted positively on the business.
  • Illustrate how the team strengthened good outcomes and/or improved experience for customers.

Technology Adoption of the Year

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