Best ESG Initiative within a Global Programme

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Increasingly multinational and international insurance teams are prioritising and integrating ESG objectives and within their frameworks and programmes, driving innovation in this new and emerging field. This category will recognise initiatives that enhance the organisation's operations around the world, whether through innovative distribution models, underwriting approaches, community outreach programmes or more.  

Judges will review projects that relate to all elements of Environmental, Social and Governance - or one focused area as applicable. Most of all, the judges will be looking for measures of success and a demonstration to customers and their network of a clear commitment to ESG.  


  • This award is open to broker and carrier firms with multinational, international or cross-border business being led from either the UK, Europe or North America. 
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months up to the awards entry deadline. 



  • Describe the ambition and goals of the initiative. 
  • What is the business context within which the submission is set, were there internal or external drivers for the initiative. 
  • Provide details of the business case and the problem/challenge that you were trying to solve. 
  • Please share any other contextual information that will help judges understand the background to the submission. 


  • Demonstrate excellence in approach and delivery of the initiative. 
  • How this initiative is an exemplary case study for the multinational, international and cross-border insurance community. 
  • Describe any key challenges faced in the project and how these were overcome. 


  • Examples of how creative solutions were found to meet challenges and exceed goals.  
  • Detail any examples that demonstrate how the team has embraced innovation to enhance the project. 
  • Detail any relevant examples of needing to respond to regulatory requirements or new and emerging standards. 
  • In a new and emerging field, in what ways did the the parameters of the project have to be adjusted to accommodate learnings, as opportunities and challenges were discovered. 

Customer Focus 

  • Details of how this initiative was designed to meet the needs of all relevant external and internal customers, and key stakeholders. 
  • If customers or stakeholders were involved in the design and implementation of the initiative – please tell us how this was approached and what was gained from the process. 
  • Illustrate how the initiative has helped to strengthened good outcomes and/or improved the experience for customers. 


  • Share relevant information that demonstrates how the initiative met the initial expectations, as set out in the Ambition section.  
  • What evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) can be shared to demonstrate the benefits derived from the project.  
  • Has this initiative had any wider impact on the business and its forward-looking approach to its commitment to ESG. 

Best ESG Initiative within a Global Programme


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