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The range of risks covered in a global programme is expanding all the time as new and emerging risks appear - driving innovation and creativity to meet the needs of international customers operating in a wide range of sectors all around the world. At the same time, traditional covers face considerable challenges, particularly with the current hard market. Capacity issues, increasing rates and tighter terms and conditions mean that buyers need to be more creative with retentions, greater use of captives and consider alternative risk transfer solutions.  

This award will recognise high-performing underwriting teams who have designed market-leading innovative solutions for their clients over the last 12-18 months – delivering growth, business performance and exceptional outcomes for customers. The entry can focus on one specific programme where outstanding performance can be demonstrated – or it could be through the overall work of the team over this period. 


  • This award is open to underwriting teams that are responsible for writing global/master programmes from either the UK, Europe or North America.  
  • Multinational teams can also enter their underwriting colleagues. 
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards deadline. 



  • Who is being recognised in the submission - please detail the people and their roles.  
  • Clarify whether the submission is based on a single programme or an ongoing team performance – if a single programme please provide context to the particular challenge and what the team needed to overcome. 
  • Detail any further information about the specific challenge/s faced in the last 12-18 months faced by the team – including any specific business information that provides useful context. 


  • How did the team rise to the challenges they faced this year, how did they collaborate to achieve their ambitions and goals.  
  • In what ways was this an outstanding performance and example of excellence for the wider sector.  
  • How did the team support the business needs over the last year, how has it been flexible to adapt and innovate to deliver excellence.  


  • Examples of how the team has shown creativity and agility to find solutions to complex challenges.  
  • What changes to process or approach have the team introduced that will set future standards for the business. 
  • Detail any examples that demonstrate how the team has embraced innovation to enhance the underwriting process. 

Customer Focus 

  • How has the team demonstrated an exceptional commitment to meeting client needs. 
  • Examples to show how they have developed effective client relationships that have impacted positively on the business. 
  • Illustrate how the team strengthened good outcomes and/or improved the experience for customers. 


  • Please share examples of exceptional business performance in the last 12-18 months that demonstrate the outstanding achievements delivered by this team. 
  • Please share any relevant senior stakeholder or client testimonials that support the entry.  
  • Why does the team deserve to be recognised for this award this year over other years; what do you think should make them stand out from other entries.

Global Programmes Underwriting Team of the Year


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