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The global programme sector is considered the "Champions League" of the insurance market, with very high barriers to entry for brokers and carriers. It is a complex space to operate in, with a significant number of stakeholders in the value chain. However, for those that do break into the market, this is a fast-growing and rewarding field of insurance.  

This new award for 2024 will recognise a new entrant who has launched their multinational proposition within the last 3 years and can demonstrate outstanding results within the last 12-18 months against business plan and other KPIs. This is a business forging its reputation in the multinational insurance sector and is one to watch for the future. 


  • This award is open to broker or carrier teams who are in the first 3 years of organising global programmes from either the UK, Europe or North America. 
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline. 



  • Who is being recognised in the submission - please detail the people and their roles.  
  • What was the business case, investment period and expectations for building a multinational proposition.  
  • Detail any further information business information from the last 12-18 months that provides useful context for judges in understanding the drivers for building this new line of business. 


  • How has the team risen to the challenges faced when building this new business, in what ways have they delivered an outstanding performance.  
  • What has this team done exceptionally well to determine the results. 
  • In what ways is the multinational proposition an example of excellence and a benchmark for the sector. 


  • Examples of how the team has shown creativity and agility to find solutions to complex challenges.  
  • Detail any examples that demonstrate how the team have embraced innovation to enhance the multinational propositon – from solutions design through to client servicing.  
  • Share any details of what makes your multinational offering stand out from the competition. 

Customer Focus 

  • How has the team demonstrated an exceptional commitment to meeting client needs – putting the customer at the heart of everything it does. 
  • How have customers been involved in developing the multinational proposition, if applicable.  
  • Illustrate how the team strengthened good outcomes and/or improved the experience for customers. 


  • How did this team perform against the initial expectations as set out in the Ambition section – please share any business performance data that can show the key achievements of the last 12-18 months. 
  • Please share any relevant senior stakeholder or client testimonials that support the entry.  
  • Why does the business/team deserve to be recognised for this award. 

Multinational Newcomer to the Market - NEW FOR 2024


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