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This award recognises the advances in technology being driven by InsurTech firms that are revolutionising the global insurance space, helping organisations to create operational savings, improve business performance and an enhanced customer experience through improved policy issuance, claims management, fraud detection and data transfer globally within international regulatory frameworks. Firms who enter this category will be able to demonstrate collaborative working to deliver better outcomes.

The judging panel are keen to see entries that represent both established solutions and service providers, as well as new innovations and emerging technology. The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate strong partnership working to meet specific global insurance operational objectives, or to solve a common global insurance operational challenge. Entries will need to demonstrate measurable outcomes, even if a new or emerging solution.


  • InsurTech firms must enter this award in the context of their partnership with a client.
  • Please provide 1 client endorsement (minimum) a part of your submission.
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline.
  • We welcome entries where the Client is based in the UK and Europe.


  • Description of the Client / Consultancy Firm relationship over the last 12-18 months, whether this was to work on a specific project, or as a longer-term partner.
  • What is the business context within which this entry is made? What were the objectives, ambition for the firm during this period? What were the challenges or objectives for the Client?
  • Was there anything new or different about an approach, or strategy that was adopted


  • Examples of outstanding skill, best practice, activity, and process.
  • How the firm has been an exemplary case study for other global insurance professionals, other teams in the global insurance sector, and for the wider multinational community.
  • Demonstrate excellence in their work, approach and delivery on responsibilities
  • How did the team support the business needs over the last year, how has it been flexible to adapt and innovate to deliver excellence? 


  • Examples of how the team has shown creativity and agility to meet challenges and exceed goals.
  • Relevant detail about how they have used fresh and successful new models and strategies to operate successfully in challenging markets and in response to changing environments.
  • Details on how they have responded with innovation to major events.
  • Illustrate any innovation using the latest technology, processes, and communication channels.


  • Please describe the partnership approach of the Consultancy Firm partner in addressing the specific needs of the Client.
  • How did the nominee’s strategies and plans have a positive impact for the Client?
  • In what ways did the Consultancy Firm support their Client in achieving the ambition and goals of the last 12-18 months.
  • In what ways did the firm go over and above expectations to meet the Client needs?

Customer Experience

  • Please provide details of how they have excelled in meeting the needs of the client.
  • Use examples to show how they have developed effective client relationships that have impacted positively on the business.
  • Illustrate how the team strengthened good outcomes and/or improved experience for customers.  


  • Please provide between 1-3 supporting testimonials from clients you’ve worked with in the last 12-18 months.
  • Please keep each testimonial to a max of 100 words.  

Technology Partner of the Year

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